TimberNook Denver Metro at Hope Farms Project – Play with a Purpose!

TimberNook is an innovative nature-based developmental program designed to challenge the senses and inspire creativity, imagination, and independent play in the great outdoors.

Founded by a pediatric occupational therapist, our sessions take nature programming to the next level! This is a skills-based program which promotes motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills and sensory-integration. Talk about play with a purpose!

Outdoor play is a form of preventative health care for children.

  • The curriculum was developed by a pediatric occupational therapist who noticed that many kids are having trouble sitting still or paying attention in school, or are even struggling with balance and motor skills.
  • The more children engage in imaginative play and take reasonable risks outdoors, the more they are equipped to be successful in home and school environments.
  • Programs are fun and beneficial for all kids — not just those dealing with sensory issues.

Core Beliefs

  • Outdoor play is inherently therapeutic.
  • Children require time and space to move their bodies.
  • Nature (especially the farm!) provides the ultimate sensory experience.
  • Ample outdoor play benefits children physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Children deserve distance from the adult world regularly.

Use Nature as Your Teacher

Through our nature-based developmental programming, children explore their surroundings, take risks, play, build and dive into their imaginations – all while enjoying the great outdoors. We use the environment as a “third teacher” to enhance child development and foster creativity. Our program activities encourage creativity, problem solving, fine motor skills, balance, and overall strength, among other skills.

TimberNook Programs are safe, supervised by trained staff, and affordable to parents.

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