“When life gets too big to handle, go outside.
Everything looks smaller
when you’re standing under the sky.”

~ L.R. Knost

Now more than ever, many young people are seeking connections with peers and adults. Hope Farms integrates nature and animals in all our programs.


Equine Therapy

With depression, anxiety and youth suicide rates on the rise, we know that our young people are more stressed out than ever. Hope Farms offers an “out-of-the-box,” trauma-informed approach to therapy. Our animal-assisted model is a welcome alternative to traditional talk therapy. 

Mentoring Program

Many young people just won’t go to therapy. They hate talking to people about their problems no matter what the setting. Yet they still crave connection, a supportive and trusted person in their life, something positive to look forward to and some FUN! 

Mindfulness & Meditation

Learning how to quiet the mind and settle body are essential to a peaceful heart. How can we juggle the pressures and demands of family, friends, school, work, our health, our difficult past, our uncertain future, and all the big emotions that come with it all? It’s not easy! Practicing mindfulness can help calm the nervous system and give you a framework from which to tackle life’s challenges – one moment at a time. 

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