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Program Animals

“The horse is God’s gift to mankind.” -Arabian Proverb

Horse-pow-er (‘hors-pau (-&)r)

1. (Noun) A standard measure of power defined as the energy required to lift 33,000 pounds at the rate of one foot per minute, or 55 pounds at the rate of ten feet per second.

2. (Informal) The extraordinary capacity of a horse to elevate the human spirit.

therapy horse Hope FarmsFrisco

When we found Frisco he was living without shelter in a crowded outdoor arena along with other horses and several llamas. Food and water were scarce so he looked like he was just skin and bones. Now, along with his work as a therapy horse, he competes in 4-H and other local horse shows! He looks strong, happy and healthy! All thanks to the commitment and TLC of a young girl.


therapy horse Hope FarmsCopper

Copper is an oldie but goodie. She is just right for the person who wants to learn about the horse from the horse. Sweet and easy going normally but you’ll see a little sass out of her once in awhile when she doesn’t want to do something. Sound familiar???

Other Animals

“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.”-Mary Kay Ash


Petunia rescue pig at Hope FarmsPetunia came to us from a family who loved her very much but thought she would be happier here at the farm. This black and white beauty enjoys rolling in the mud and long naps in her piggy igloo.

rescue pig Peanut Hope FarmsPickles—How could we let sweet Petunia be so lonely? So in collaboration with Moyer Rescue, we got Pickles as a companion. Pickles is very smart and has been taught to sit on command by one of our volunteers. Food must be guarded closely, however, he eats like a pig! No pun intended…


GoatsGoats at Hope Farms

Pal will always be “The Baby.” He was bottle fed and hand raised with his brothers. He fusses when you don’t pick him up and let him sleep in your arms. Well, we know he is really a goat, but shhhhhhh… don’t tell him that!

Jack – Don’t take your eye off of this one for a second! Woody will get into anything and everything he can find. We love this little boy and all of his entertaining mischief.

Ranger- This colorful little king enjoys play fighting with his siblings, jumping and sleeping on his plastic castle- he is after all the king of the castle.

Cowboy is the easy one. Raised with his brothers, he is very sweet and happy to go with the flow. He loves to sit in your lap or quietly munch on grass. Whew! It’s nice to have a break once in an awhile!

LlamasLlamas at Hope Farms Project

Well, maybe they aren’t all that “small” but since they protect our small animals, it makes sense to introduce them here. Freckles and young Tilly were rescued together with our therapy horse, Frisco. They were scared and hungry but are now happy and healthy. On second thought, Freckles is still a little grumpy but we don’t mind. Doc is the old man who likes to be pet on the neck if you’re real quiet and gentle.


Cinderella & Belle-Our buff, beautiful, BFFs do dirt baths and sun baths in style, and strut their stuff around the yard with their fellow princesses.

chickens at Hope Farms

Jasmine- This fiery girl is the ruler of the roost! While keeping all the other princesses in check-she enjoys rooting for bugs, naps in the sun, and stealing treats from her sisters.

Snow White is such a ham! Thinking she is a parrot, she was easily trained to “step up” and “step off” our arms and lay on our hands upside down. She is very sweet and loves to be held.
Ariel- Known for her beauty- not her brains. Problem solving is not her forte so she will need some help along the way.

“Peeping” Beauty has always been the “odd chicken out.” Covered in fuzz not feathers. While she is not a cover girl, she is beautiful in our eyes.

Ducks at Hope Farms Project


Lady, Dandi, Giggles, Laugh-a-lot, and Chuckles- If you know one you know them all, these charming fellas always seem to brighten your day when they flop into the pool or quack and shake their tail feathers!

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