Program Animals

“Those who teach the most about humanity aren’t always human.”

~ Donald L. Hicks


Every animal on the farm is a vital part of our vibrant community. They are our greatest teachers and co-therapists, supporting the growth of our diverse participants. Each animal has a unique story, personality, and the capacity to teach us valuable lessons about life, love, relationships and wellness. Through connecting with, and caring for our animals, we learn how to trust, respect and hold ourselves accountable. We explore sacred areas related to trust and vulnerability, knowing that our animals will never tell our secrets or shame us for our perceived failures. We learn how to set limits and be a benevolent leader. Through all of this, we learn how to care for others and how to better care for ourselves. We are so greatly for our animals and their contributions to Hope Farms.

From alpacas, to guinea pigs, to horses and lizards, everyone is uniquely drawn to a certain animal! Who will you be drawn to?