Meet the Staff

“You cannot teach a man anything; You can only help him find it within himself.” ~ Galileo Galilei

The staff at Hope Farms Project come from a multidisciplinary background. Collectively, we work together to develop unique and individualized programming that meets the needs of our diverse clients. Each one of us is committed to empowering our clients by recognizing and building on their existing strengths, while challenging them to explore and grow into new opportunities and their fullest potentials. Each member of our staff has personally experienced the healing power of the human-animal bond and we are excited to offer evidence-based programming that allows humans and animals to learn, grow and heal together in nature.

Lisa Kramer, MSW

Executive Director/Founder, Psychotherapist

Master of Social Work, University of Denver;
Bachelor of Arts- Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder;
Animal and Human Health Certificate, University of Denver;
Registered Psychotherapist;
EAGALA-Dual Certified, Mental Health Professional & Equine Specialist;
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

Inspired by her son who suffered a massive stroke before birth, Lisa has committed herself to helping people live up to their fullest potential and live their best lives. She believes that nature, nurtures. Lisa’s personal experience watching her son heal in nature with animals motivated her to pursue her passion for animal-assisted and nature-based interventions. Lisa is trained in TF-CBT and TBRI. She is currently enrolled in Jack Kornfield’s and Tara Brach’s two-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program. Lisa integrates animals, nature and mindfulness into her clinical practice with children, youth, adults and families either at the farm or in her Parker office.

Anaka Austin

Program Instructor

Anaka has been with Hope Farms for several years starting as a volunteer during her freshman year of high school. Working at Hope Farms Project allows her to combine her two passions – working with people and animals. Since working at the farm, she has decided to change her career path and pursue a degree in social work with the goal of becoming a therapist.

In between college and work commitments, she spends most of her time with her two dogs- Gir and Tinely. She has a passion for animal rescue, politics and international affairs.


Bailey Kramer

Program Instructor

Bailey graduated high school just down the road from the farm at Kiowa High School and is currently studying at CU Boulder. Horses (and dogs, goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, snakes, emus, ferrets, sugar gliders, miniature donkeys, etc…did we mention that she loves rabbits!) are her passion. After seeing the powerful healing impact of animals in her own family, she knew that animal-assisted interventions were something she wanted to bring to the broader community. She is honored to be a part of Hope Farms Project and its mission. She believes the farm is a place for dreaming, creating, healing, and being inspired. She can’t wait to create a place at the farm for YOU!

Bailey has been rescuing animals since she was five years old and currently has too many animals to list here. In her spare time, oh, wait, she doesn’t have spare time. She is always taking care of her animals!

Jeff Glicini

Transportation Director and Farm Maintenance

After working in law enforcement as a special agent with the IRS for over two decades, Jeff retired to spend more time with his wife and four kids. His oldest daughter’s lifelong love of horses drew him to the mission of Hope Farms. Jeff enjoys the challenge of keeping the farm and its equipment in working order. There is never a shortage of projects!

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys off-roading and camping with his family, cooking, attending church and watching his youngest daughter play volleyball. His family has one dog, one horse, a rabbit and a couple sugar gliders.


Cynthia Hellman Hope Farms Project


We are lucky to have a group of talented and highly motivated students working with us on the farm. And we couldn’t do it without them!

If you are looking for an internship in recreational therapy, clinical psychotherapy, animal-assisted interventions, humane education, non-profit management, marketing, social work, veterinary services or other related fields, please call Lisa Kramer to inquire about our internship program!

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